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Separator Parts

Part numbers: 28706-A (left), 36862-A (right)

Apex O-Rings, Gaskets, & Seals to fit Westfalia, Sharples, & DeLaval Clarifiers and Separators

Seals for Centrico/Westfalia

Apex Part #Description
TF-912Separator Seal
TF-913Separator Seal
TF-914Separator Seal
TF-915Separator Seal
4-5718-840U-Cup Seal
4-5631-920Small Seal
4-5832-920Small Seal
4-5833-920Medium Seal
4-6834-920Medium Seal
4-5636-920Large Seal
4-5842-920Small Seal
4-5843-920Medium Seal
4-5844-920Large Seal
7-2920-760O-Ring Seal
7-2960-760Gasket Seal

Sharples Clarifiers

Apex Part #Description
07-FF-031CBowl Ring
E-1883Seal RB-2588-2
E-1924Seal RB-2589-2
AB-4258-1Large Seal
AB-4259-1Small Seal

Bowl O-Rings for DeLaval

Apex Part #Description
4796Bowl O-ring
9415Bowl O-ring
19286Bowl O-ring
28062Bowl O-ring
31145Bowl O-ring
34584Bowl O-ring
36588Bowl O-ring
39271Bowl O-ring

Replacement Seals for DeLaval

Apex Part #Description
17357-AMilk Seal1
17355-ACream Seal3
19216-AOutlet Seal1
28706-AMilk Seal3
29933-AInlet Seal2
31705-ACream Seal3
36837-AOutlet Seal1
36858-AOutlet Seal1
36862-ACream Seal2
37399-ACream Seal3

Standard packing as follows:
112 per box
224 per box
336 per box

Miscellaneous Items for DeLaval

Apex Part #Description
05405Ring Seal
05555Ring Seal
21480Valve Disc.
31735Rubber Seal
35317Rubber Seal
35333Rubber Ring
38705Rubber Tube
39277Rubber Seal

Metal Seal Holders

Metal Reinforcement Cups #17358, #19217, #28707, #38638 and #36859 are maintained in stock.

Note: Bowl O-Rings and Gaskets not listed above, and many OEM Seals used on various DeLaval or Westfalia Clarifiers and Separator models are also available. When ordering, use numbers listed, send a sample or just advise us of the equipment number of the part needed. Please note the model on which the item is used. Prices are available upon request.

Most items listed above are maintained in stock. If you don’t see the item you need, ask for it!

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