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Parts for Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Pumps

O-Rings, Gaskets and Sleeve Seals for Waukesha Universal Series Pumps

ModelDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
15Oil Seal - Gear Case Cover000-030-016000030016
Rear Oil Seal - Gear Case000-030-017000030017
Gasket - Gear Case Cover015-042-000015-042-000
O-Ring - Cover GasketADO-117-000372
O-Ring - Pump BodyADO-079-000362
O-Ring - Shaft015-098-001361
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)015-098-000015098000
30Oil Seal - Gear Case Cover000-030-013000030013
Rear Oil Seal - Gear Case000-030-014000030014
Gasket - Gear Case Cover030-042-000030042000
O-Ring - Cover GasketBDO-117-000370
O-Ring - Pump Body030-079-001384
O-Ring - ShaftOCI-097-000385
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)030-098-000030098000
60, 130Oil Seal - Gear Case Cover000-030-012000030012
Rear Oil Seal - Gear Case000-030-011000030011
Gasket - Gear Case Cover060-042-000030042000
O-Ring - Cover GasketCDO-117-000369
O-Ring - Pump Body060-079-001388
O-Ring - Shaft060-097-001389
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)060-098-000060098000
220Oil Seal - Gear Case CoverSTD-030-006STD030006
Rear Oil Seal - Gear CaseSTD-119-002STD119002
Gasket - Gear Case Cover220-042-000220042000
O-Ring - Cover GasketGDO-117-000394
O-Ring - Pump Body220-079-001395
O-Ring - Shaft220-097-001396
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)220-098-000220098000

1Old-style “Notched” Stainless Steel Sleeve Seals (obsolete by OEM)

O-rings listed above are food grade Buna-N Rubber. All O-rings are available in Viton, Silicone, or EPDM compounds, if required. When ordering, advise OEM part number or add “-V”, “-S” or “-EPR” to Apex part number.

Springs, wing nuts, studs and other replacement parts are also available, as are Sleeve Seals, U-Seals, O-rings, etc. for DO models and obsolete BB models.

O-Rings, Gaskets and Replacement Seals for Waukesha Model DO Pumps

ModelDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
10-DOOil Seal, Gear Case CoverADO-30ADO-30
Front Oil Seal, Gear CaseADO-30-1ADO-30-1
Wiper SealADO-30-1-WADO-30-1-W
O-Ring - Cover GasketADO-117372
O-Ring - ShaftADO-97371
O-Ring - Pump BodyADO-79362
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)ADO-98-1ADO-98-1
U-Cup Seal, Buna-NADO-79-UADO-79-U
25-DOOil Seal, Gear Case CoverBDO-30BDO-30
Front Oil Seal, Gear CaseBDO-30-1BDO-30-1
Wiper SealBDO-30-1-WBDO-30-1-W
O-Ring - Cover GasketBDO-117370
O-Ring - ShaftBDO-97373
O-Ring - Pump BodyBDO-79377
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)BDO-98-1BDO-98-1
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Notched)1BDO-98BDO-98
U-Cup Seal, Buna-NBDO-79-UBDO-79-U
55-DO, 100-DO,
and 125-DO
Oil Seal, Gear Case CoverCDO-30CDO-30
Front Oil Seal, Gear CaseCDO-30-1CDO-30-1
Wiper SealCDO-30-1-WCDO-30-1-W
O-Ring - Cover GasketCDO-117369
O-Ring - ShaftCDO-97365
O-Ring - Pump BodyCDO-79366
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Notched)1CDO-98CDO-98
U-Cup Seal, Buna-NCDO-79-UCDO-79-U
200-DOOil Seal, Gear Case CoverGDO-30GDO-30
Front Oil Seal, Gear CaseGDO-30-1GDO-30-1
Wiper SealGDO-30-1-WGDO-30-1-W
O-Ring - Cover GasketGDO-117369
O-Ring - ShaftGDO-97365
O-Ring - Pump BodyGDO-79366
Sleeve Seal, Stainless Steel (Pronged)CDO98-TO-1GDO098TO1

Note: Above O-rings are FDA food grade Buna-N Rubber. All sizes are also available in Viton, Silicone, or EPDM if required. Specify desired material when ordering.

All Springs, Oil Seals (Front Gear Case and Cover) plus Wiper Seals, Wing Nuts and Studs are also available. Use Equipment Manufacturer’s part numbers when ordering.

O-Rings, Gaskets, and Seals for Cherry-Burrell Flex-Flo Pumps

ModelItemDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
A, AH4Cover Plate, Stainless Steel4004-B4004-B
9Pump Seal, Carbon19832-B9832-B
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1610
10Seal, Rubber Tube12788-B1678
17Gasket, Case and Cover - Rubber12971-B1679
Gasket, Case and Cover - Paper210772B-240
Shell Seal306-3130306-3130
B, BH4Cover Plate, Stainless Steel39876-B39876-B
9Pump Seal, Carbon110733-B10733-B
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1609
10Seal, Rubber Tube12787-B1676
17Gasket, Case and Cover - Rubber11435-B1677
Gasket, Case and Cover - Paper210730-BB-237
Shell Seal306-3132306-3132
O, OH4Cover Plate39932-B39932-B
9Pump Seal, Carbon1554-0711554-0711
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1608
ON4Cover Plate306-3235306-3235
9Pump Seal, Carbon13177331773
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1615
VA, VAH25O-Ring, Case and Cover554-07171673
24Cover, Stainless SteelBB-7607-A306-3235
23Pump Seal, Carbon554-0706554-0706
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1607
21Spring, Stainless Steel590-0963590-0963
20O-Ring, Rotary Seal554-07011671
27O-Ring, Lock Ring554-07101672
VB, VBH25O-Ring, Case and Cover554-13211684-A
O-Ring, Case and Cover
(Used on Pumps with Serial Number before 176-15M)
24Cover, Stainless SteelBB-7557306-3175
23Pump Seal, Carbon554-0708554-0708
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1605
21Spring, Stainless Steel590-0964590-0964
20O-Ring, Rotary Seal554-01581670
27O-Ring, Lock Ring554-07011671
VCH25O-Ring, Case and CoverAA-11720-B1680
24Cover, Stainless SteelBB-7557-A306-3175
23Pump Seal, Carbon554-0709554-0709
Pump Seal, PTFE1--1614
21Spring, Stainless Steel590-0964590-0964
20O-Ring, Rotary Seal554-01581670
27O-Ring, Lock Ring554-01581671

1PTFE Seals are available to replace Carbon style, if desired. All Carbon style are available from stock, including 554-0712 seals for Models VBIW and VCHIW. (Appropriate corresponding O-Rings, springs, etc. are also available.)
2Paper Gaskets are packed 250 per box. Rubber style Case and Cover Gaskets are sold er piece. Specify material desired or equipment part numbers when ordering.

Most items above are available from stock. Impellers and some shafts also available.