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Parts for Tri-Clover Pumps and Valves

Replacement Parts, Gaskets, O-Rings, and Ring Seals for Tri-Clover Centrifugal Pumps

ModelDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
EJ7-1/16" Cover Gasket, Paper31-1/2EJ-142A-20PB-587
Ring Seal, Carbon1-1/2EJ-142A-2615EJ142A26
Ring Seal, PTFE1--1713-T
O-Ring - Shaft201-1165-111768
EBH9-5/16" Cover Gasket, Paper32EBH-142A-20PB-593
Ring Seal, Carbon2EBH-142A-262EBH142A26
Ring Seal, PTFE1--1714-T
O-Ring - Shaft201-1165-191719
???5-3/4" Cover O-Ring1SS-36-110-31742
Ring Seal, PTFE15-S-110-261720-T
O-Ring - Shaft210-1175-29-61753
C-1144-3/8" Casing GasketS114-90AS114-90A
Impeller Retainer114D-24B-316114-24B
Metal Cup114D-80-3P114D-80-3P
Spring, Stainless Steel114D-80-4114D-80-4
Ring Seal, Carbon114D-80-1114D-80-1
Ring Seal, PTFE1114D-80-1G1714-T
O-Ring - Shaft260-C-3-34-A1739
C-2166-1/2" Casing GasketS216-90AS216-90A
Impeller Retainer216D-24B-316216D-24B
Metal Cup216D-80-3P216D-80-3P
Spring, Stainless Steel216D-80-4216D-80-4
Ring Seal, Carbon216D-80-1216D-80-1
Ring Seal, PTFE1216D-80-1G1717-T
O-Ring - Shaft201-1165-191719
C-218, C-3286-1/2" Casing GasketS328-90AS328-90A
Impeller Retainer328D-24B-316328D-24B
Metal Cup328D-80-3P328D-80-3P
Spring, Stainless Steel328D-80-4328D-80-4
Ring Seal, Carbon328D-80-1328D-80-1
Ring Seal, PTFE1328D-80-1G1718-T
O-Ring - Shaft2328D-80-21743

1Special PTFE Seals supplied in place of those supplied by OEM and can replace Carbon Ring Seals for above listed pumps. Apex Special PTFE Seals have proven to be a big money-saver, because PTFE does not break if dropped nor chip if inadvertently installed incorrectly. Apex Special PTFE Seals (Items with Suffix “-T”) can eliminate costly breakage of Carbon Seals and reduce excessive wear of pump parts. Carbon and PTFE styles are available from stock as well as “Silicone Carbide” seals.
2These are Buna-N Rubber O-Rings. EPDM, Viton and Silicone O-Rings for the shaft seals or cover seals for these pumps are also available from stock. Add “-EPR”, “-V” or “-S” to the existing Apex number.
3These are Paper Head Gaskets. Use B-588 for 6″ covers. Other sizes, not listed, are also available. Most are packed 250/box. All sizes “flat” Head Gaskets are available in Rubber or PTFE. Specify size and thickness desired when ordering.

Repair Kits for Tri-Clover Centrifugal Pumps

Pump ModelKit Part #Kit Contents
C-114C-114-1A1 ea. Casing Gasket (S114-90A)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (60C-3-34-U)
1 ea. Carbon Seal1 (114D-80-1)
1 ea. Impeller Pin (114D-24B)
C-114-2A3 ea. Casing Gaskets, Seal O-Rings and Carbon Seals1
C-114-3A1 ea. Carbon Seal (114D-80-1)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (60C-3-34-U)
1 ea. Spring (114D-80-4)
1 ea. Metal Cup (114D-80-3P)
C-114-SP1 ea. Carbon Seal (114D-80-1)
1 ea. Metal Cup (114D-80-3P)
1 ea. Spring (114D-80-4)
1 ea. Impeller Pin (114D-24B)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (60C-3-34-U)
1 ea. Casing Gasket (S114-90A)
C-216C-216-1A1 ea. Casing Gasket (S216-90A)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (01-1165-19-2U)
1 ea. Carbon Seal1 (216D-80-1)
1 ea. Impeller Pin (216D-24B)
C-216-2A3 ea. Casing Gaskets, Seal O-Rings and Carbon Seals1
C-216-3A1 ea. Carbon Seal (216D-80-1)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (01-1165-19-2U)
1 ea. Spring (216D-80-4)
1 ea. Metal Cup (216D-80-3P)
C-216-SP1 ea. Carbon Seal (216D-80-1)
1 ea. Metal Cup (216D-80-3P)
1 ea. Spring (216D-80-4)
1 ea. Impeller Ring (216D-24B)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (01-1165-19-2U)
1 ea. Casing Gasket (S216-90A)
C-218 or C-328C-218-1A or
1 ea. Casing Gasket (S328-90A)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (S328-80-2U)
1 ea. Carbon Seal1 (328D-80-1)
1 ea. Impeller Pin (328D-24B)
C-328-2A3 ea. Casing Gaskets, Seal O-Rings and Carbon Seals1
C-328-3A1 ea. Carbon Seal (328D-80-1)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (S328-80-2U)
1 ea. Spring (328D-80-4)
1 ea. Metal Cup (328D-80-3P)
C-328-SP1 ea. Carbon Seal (328D-80-1)
1 ea. Metal Cup (328D-80-3P)
1 ea. Spring (328D-80-4)
1 ea. Impeller Ring (328D-24B)
1 ea. Seal O-Ring (S328-80-2U)
1 ea. Casing Gasket (S328-90A)

1PTFE Seals replacing the Carbon Ring Seals for above listed pumps are also available upon request. PTFE does not break if dropped, or chip if inadvertently installed incorrectly. You can eliminate problems such as breakage of Carbon Seals and/or excessive wear of contact plates in your pumps.

All of the above parts are available individually if desired.

Note: Buna-N O-rings are supplied in the above kits. Kits with EPDM, Viton, or Silicone O-rings (or the O-rings alone) are available if required. (Add “-V” or “-S” to the O-ring Apex part number when ordering.) Stainless Steel Springs (#114D-80-4, #216D-80-4, and #328D-80-4) plus many other items and replacement parts for older models (EJ, EBH, MS and OSS, etc.) are also available.

Gaskets, O-Rings and Seals for Tri-Clover Positive Rotary Pumps

ModelDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
PR-3O-Ring, Casing Cover (3-3/4" I.D.)R3-1-90B1734
O-Ring, Casing BodyR3-1-80-4A-U1735
O-Ring, Shaft1R3-1-80-3A-U1736
Carbon Impeller Rings2R3-1-08R3-1-08
Wear Ring, Stainless SteelR3-1-80-1-SR3-80-1S
Seal Ring - Carbon and MetalR3-1-80-2R3-1-80-2A
PR-10O-Ring, Casing Cover (5" I.D.)R10-1-1/2-90B1738
O-Ring, Casing BodyR-10-1-1/2-80-4B-U1737
O-Ring, Shaft1R10-1-1/2-80-3A-U1740
Carbon Impeller Rings2R10-1-1/2-08R10-1.5-08
Wear Ring, Stainless SteelR10-1-1/2-80-1-SR10-80-1S
Seal Ring - Carbon and MetalR10-1-1/2-80-2AR10-80-2A
PR-25O-Ring, Casing Cover (6-3/4" I.D.)R25-1-1/2-90B1704
O-Ring, Casing BodyR25-1-1/2-80-4B-U1705
O-Ring, Shaft1R25-1-1/2-80-3A-U1706
Carbon Impeller Rings2R25-1-1/2-08R25-1.5-08
Wear Ring, Stainless SteelR25-2-80-1-SR25-80-1
Seal Ring - Carbon and MetalR25-1-1/2-80-2AR25-80-2A
PR-60, PR-125O-Ring, Casing Cover (9" I.D.)R60-2-90B1703
O-Ring, Casing BodyR60-2-80-4B-U1702
O-Ring, Shaft1R60-2-80-3A-U1701
Carbon Impeller Rings2R60-2-08R60-2-08
Wear Ring, Stainless SteelR60-2-80-1-SR60-80-1S
Seal Ring - Carbon and MetalR60-2-80-2AR60-80-2A
PR-300O-Ring, Casing Cover (12" I.D.)R300-4-90BR300-90B
O-Ring, Casing BodyR300-4-80-4B-UR300-80-4B
O-Ring, Shaft1R300-4-80-3A-UR300-80-3A
Carbon Impeller Rings2R300-4-08R300-08
Wear Ring, Stainless SteelR300-4-80-1-SR300-80-1S
Seal Ring - Carbon and MetalR300-4-80-2R300-80-2

1Above listed Shaft O-Rings are Buna-N Rubber. All Shaft O-Rings, as well as Casing Body and Casing Cover O-rings, are also available in Viton, Silicone or EPDM, if required. Order by OEM Part Number, specifying desired compound or add “-V”, “-S” or “-EPR” to the Apex Part Number when ordering.
2In special applications or where there is excessive wear of seals, Apex has replaced the black Carbon portion of the above Carbon and Metal Seal Rings with a non-breakable Special PTFE insert. Availability upon request. We have also made a special PTFE replacement for Carbon style Impeller Rings used with Metal Rotors. Both items have performed very well and helped save money.

Replacement parts, seals, or O-rings for Tri-Clover Centrifugal and other sanitary pumps are available. Advise part number and/or send a sample of items needed when ordering.

O-Rings and Gaskets for Tri-Clover Sanitary Valves


Equipt Part #Apex Part #Description
60-C-1"-34-A1543O-Ring, Valve Seal
60-C-2"-34-A1541O-Ring, Valve Seal
60-C-3"-34-A1546O-Ring, Valve Seal

Note: If you need any O-ring, gasket or seal not listed above for pumps or valves listed or any Cherry-Burrell Valve, Fesco or Pfaudler Valve, Tri-Clover “Flo-Diversion” Valves, L.C. Thomsen Valves, Versa or Wickers Valves, or any other make Sanitary Check Butterfly, Relief Valve or Air-Valves or Cylinders, send us a sample or size and/or Equipment Part Number with your order.

Tri-Valve Replacement PTFE Gaskets

Apex Part #OEM Part #I.D.O.D.Thickness

PTFE Seats for TCI Valves

Apex Part #OEM Part #I.D.O.D.ThicknessDescription
20-24020-240PTFE Seal for 1-1/2" TCI
20-24120-241PTFE Seal for 2" TCI
20-24220-242PTFE Seal for 2-1/2" TCI
20-24320-2432-1/2"3"1/4"PTFE Seal for 3" TCI
20-24420-244PTFE Seal for 4" TCI