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Gaskets for Taylor Valves

O-Rings and Gaskets for Taylor “Flo-Diversion” Valves

All items are manufactured from the highest quality materials and maintained in stock at all times to ensure quicker deliveries.

ModelEquipt Part #Apex Part #Description
39-VJ-143-P-1921516-WGasket, White Vinyl1
1516-TGasket, PTFE1
B-14Gasket, Paper (Sealeak)
43-P-3771518O-Rings on Poppets (1/4" I.D.)
78-P-3811511Gasket, Rubber Disc (Medium)
78-P-3821515Gasket, Rubber Disc (Large)
78-P-3841512Gasket, Rubber Ring
39-VJ-243-P-1921516-WGasket, White Vinyl1
1516-TGasket, PTFE1
B-14Gasket, Paper (Sealeak)
43-P-3801517O-Rings on Poppets (3/16" I.D.)
78-P-3841512Gasket, Rubber Ring
78-P-4361515Gasket, Rubber Disc (Large)
78-P-4271510Gasket, Rubber Disc (Small)
43-P-3261520Seal, U-Ring
43-P-4761521Seal, V-Cup

1Note: These gaskets are replacements for #14 Paper, Single Service Gaskets. Either Apex special White Vinyl material (3/32″ thick) or our 1/16″ thick PTFE gaskets can give you better sealing qualities for longer, cleaner, more economical service. Specify material desired when ordering.