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Gaskets for Sine Pumps

Replacement Gaskets for Sine Pumps

Apex Part #Description


41-002P430Cover O-Ring, Buna
41-002P540O-Ring, Buna
41-003P430Cover O-Ring, Buna
41-003P540O-Ring, Buna
41-020P030O-Ring, Buna
41-025P030Rotor O-Ring, Buna
41-025P430Cover O-Ring, Buna
41-030P030Rotor O-Ring, Buna
41-035P030O-Ring, Buna
41-035P430O-Ring, Buna
41-035P515Face O-Ring, Buna
41-035P540O-Ring, Buna
41-050P030O-Ring, Buna
41-050P513O-Ring, Buna
41-050P515O-Ring, Buna


44-002P430O-Ring, Viton
44-002P540O-Ring, Viton
44-020P515Face O-Ring, Viton
44-025P430O-Ring, Viton
44-025P513O-Ring, Viton
44-025P515Face O-Ring, Viton
44-025P540O-Ring, Viton
44-030P030O-Ring, Viton
44-030P430Cover O-Ring, Viton
44-030P513O-Ring, Viton
44-030P515Face O-Ring, Viton
44-050P030O-Ring, Viton
44-050P430O-Ring, Viton
44-050P515O-Ring, Viton
44-050P515O-Ring, Viton

All above O-rings are also available in EPDM or Silicone if required.

O-rings, gaskets and seals are certified FDA food grade. All items are maintained in stock to insure you quick delivery. Miscellaneous parts, such as Liners, Scraper Gates, etc. are also available.