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Parts for Lumaco Valves

The following is a list of the various valves and valve parts we keep in stock for the Lumaco brand. If there is anything you need that you don’t see, just ask! Product descriptions courtesy of Lumaco.

“Betterfly” Valves

Read below for information on the Lumaco Betterfly Valves we keep in stock.

Manual Betterfly Valves

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  • Sanitary: The Betterfly valve is entirely stainless steel (order type 304 or 316)
  • Compact: Designed to fit where space is short, it is available with clamp, weld-on or bevel-seat ends. The Betterfly is a complete valve unit – ready to install in your pipeline.
  • Leak-free Performance: A heavy-duty, highly elastic seat is held firmly and compressed by the two halves of the valve body. It forms a tight seal around the shaft, preventing leakage along the stem.
  • Reliable Action: The disc rotates 90°. Open, it is parallel to the product flow. For positive shutoff, it seats into the heavy-duty gasket; the handle with spring-loaded button locks the valve open or closed.
  • Ingenious and Adaptable: The valve dismantles quickly into two symmetrical parts: you can reassemble a complete Betterfly, with matching or mixed ends, from any two halves

Air-Actuated Betterfly Valves

  • Avoid Corrosion: The actuator body and adaptor are made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Smooth Operation: The brass double-acting rack and pinion gear insures trouble free performance. Choose from Air to open – Air to close, or Air to open – Spring return (fail-safe). If you need the spring to open the valve, the action is easily reversed.
  • Versatile Design: The manual handle assembly and the air-actuator, mount on the identical valve body: conversion can be accomplished in the field in seconds.
  • Extra Insurance: The square-ended shaft of the pinion gear remains exposed. Should the air fail, one quarter turn of the shaft operates the valve manually.
  • Seat Material: To be compatible with a wide variety of products, the valve is available with choice seats: Silicone (standard), EPDM (request), Viton (request, surcharge), and PTFE-Coated Viton (request, surcharge).


The superb simplicity of disc meeting shaft at 45° means the seat is unpierced, for the purest of product integrity. The 180° rotation angles the disc cleanly through the product flow so the valve opens without resistance and stays in place. Half a turn of the valve handle provides quick, positive, leak-free shutoff. An “OPEN – CLOSE” mylar label indicates the status at a glance. A simple twist of the accessory lock-handle transforms the MINIDISC® into a regulating valve, locking firmly into any desired position.

The MINIDISC® is truly easy to maintain. Made entirely of stainless steel, type 304 or 316, it dismantles without tools, in seconds, simply by opening the standard heavy-duty clamp. Only three low-cost elements ever need replacement: the seat and two stem O-rings. Changing them is a snap. The two O-rings on the disc shaft prevent the entrance of the product into the stem housing. Two leak detector holes alert operator of worn O-rings.

To insure a wide variety of applications, diverse gasket materials are offered. The seat is available in PTFE, Buna-N, silicone, EPDM and Viton® (surcharge). The standard O-rings are Buna-N or Viton®. Other elastomers, EPDM and silicone, are available on request. Innovative, yet time-tested, long lasting, sanitary and fairly priced, the MINIDISC® valve boasts a proven record in the field.