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Parts for G&H Pumps and Valves

O-Rings and Gaskets for G&H Sanitary Pumps and Valves

Equipt Part #Apex Part #Description
AB-731852O-Ring, Head Gasket
CB-731872O-Ring, Head Gasket
HB-731850O-Ring, Head Gasket
PB-731873O-Ring, Head Gasket
AB-80-N1853O-Ring, Shaft
GB-80-N1851O-Ring, Shaft
GB-80-N1334O-Ring, Shaft
KB-80-N1332O-Ring, Shaft
C-40-W-1-1/2"1617-TGasket, PTFE
C-40-W-2"1618-TGasket, PTFE
C-40-W-2-1/2"1686Gasket, Valve Body
C-40-W-3"1687Gasket, Valve Body
C-40-W-3-1/2"1688Gasket, Valve Body
C-40-W-4"1689Gasket, Valve Body
GDA-61770O-Ring, Stem
GDA-71773O-Ring, Bonnet
GDA-81776O-Ring, Piston
GDA-91777O-Ring, Cylinder