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Parts for APV Crepaco Pumps

O-Rings, Gaskets and Replacement Parts for APV Crepaco Centrifugal Pumps

Model #Item #DescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part Number
#4 Centrifugal10Gasket - Flat Pump Case119-H-9942
33Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04HP189082189-H-082
Springs, Stainless Steel04HP119945119-H-945
10Ring Seal, Carbon - Full Area1546P119943119-H-943
33Ring Seal, Carbon - Reduced Area1546P151733151-H-733
41Ring Seal, Carbon - Positive Drive1546P189679--
32Back Plate, Stainless Steel Grooved189-H-079189-079
11O-Ring, Shaft - 5/8" I.D.3S-1313-12810
Shaft O-ring - Viton543-P-221161810-V
#6 Centrifugal8Gasket - Flat Pump Case119-H-9202
31Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04HP188619188-H-619
Springs, Stainless Steel04HP119932119-H-932
10Ring Seal, Carbon - Full Area1546P119916119-H-916
33Ring Seal, Carbon - Reduced Area1546P151731151-H-731
41Ring Seal, Carbon - Positive Drive1546P189711189-H-711
32Back Plate, Stainless Steel Grooved188-H-629188-629
11O-Ring, Shaft - 3/4" I.D.3S-1313-15833
Shaft O-ring - Viton543-P-221164833-V
#8 Centrifugal8Gasket - Flat Pump Case133-H-0452
31Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04HP188168188-H-168
Springs, Stainless Steel04HP119979119-H-979
10Ring Seal, Carbon - Full Area1546P119982119-H-982
33Ring Seal, Carbon - Reduced Area1546P151732151-H-732
41Ring Seal, Carbon - Positive Drive1546P189704189-H-704
32Back Plate, Stainless Steel Grooved188-H-169188-169
11O-Ring, Shaft - 1-1/16" I.D.3S-1313-20838
Shaft O-Ring - Viton543-P-221269838-V

1Apex also makes available “Special PTFE” Ring Seals (for Full Area, Reduced Area, or Positive Drive) which cannot crack or chip if dropped or while in service… helping to reduce excessive wear of stainless steel plates. Apes Special PTFE Seals are proven big money savers, particular in Internal Seal applications and/or when used in Ingredient Feeders. (See below for corresponding numbers.) Most Carbon seals are available from stock.
2The Pump Case Gasket required on your pumps may be either Beaded or Smooth surface. Apex can supply both styles. Smooth style gaskets are available in Black Neoprene. When ordering, specify the Equipment Part Number or send us the dimensions, style and material desired.
3These O-rings are Buna-N. All O-rings are available in Viton (noted by “-V”), Neoprene, Silicone, or EPDM, if required. Specify material desired when ordering.

Note: Some items for model #10-Centrifugal pumps (not listed) and all sizes of Inlet and Outlet Pipe Fitting Gaskets used with the above pumps are also available from stock. Specify Equipment, OEM Part Number or send us a sample when ordering. Pricing available upon request.

Special PTFE Replacements for APV Crepaco Carbon Ring Seals

If you are experiencing any problems with chipping or breakage of Carbon Seals or excess wear on Stainless Back Plates, you might want to consider using Apex Special PTFE Seals!

Model #Item #DescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part Number
#4 Centrifugal10Ring Seal - Full Area119-H-943880-T1
33Ring Seal - Reduced Area151-H-733819-T1
41Ring Seal - Positive Drive189-H-679823-T1
#6 Centrifugal10Ring Seal - Full Area119-H-916890-T1
33Ring Seal - Reduced Area151-H-731820-T1
41Ring Seal - Positive Drive189-H-711815-T1
#8 Centrifugal10Ring Seal - Full Area119-H-982891-T1
33Ring Seal - Reduced Area151-H-732865-T1
41Ring Seal - Positive Drive189-H-704816-T1
#10 Centrifugal10Ring Seal - Full Area171-H-831817-T1
33Ring Seal - Reduced Area171-H-851818-T1

1Apex has replaced the Carbon Ring seals (Full Area seals, Reduced Area seals, and Positive Drive style seals/pumps) with seals made from a Special PTFE material, which cannot break or chip if dropped or while in service as well as eliminating excessive wear of expensive Stainless Steel Plates. Apex PTFE seals are money savers, particularly in Internal Seal and Lower Speed Pumps. Excellent for use in Ingredient Feeders.

Note: All Carbon Seal Rings are available from stock. Specify OEM Part Number and denote “Carbon Only” when ordering. O-rings in any compound required and some Stainless Steel Springs are also available. Pricing upon request.

O-Rings, Gaskets, and Ring Seals for APV Crepaco V-Series Centrifugal Pumps

Drive ring for APV 14V2-Series Centrifugal Pump, Apex Part 331-926, OEM Part 727-P-331926

Pump ModelItem NumberDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
#4V2O-Ring, Impeller Retainer1543-S-1313-10821
4Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04H-P-189082189-H-082
Beaded Pump Case Gasket - Viton04H-P-209368209-368
5Plate, SS - Grooved Back04H-P-189079189-079
6Ring Seal - Carbon546-P-331925331-925
6Ring Seal - PTFE204H-P-357739893-T
O-Ring, Shaft - 3/4" I.D.1543-S-1313-15833
Shaft O-Ring - Viton1543-P-221164833-V
#6V2O-Ring, Impeller Retainer1543-S-1313-15833
4Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04H-P-188619188-H-619
Beaded Pump Case Gasket - Viton04H-P-261188261-188
5Plate, SS - Grooved Back04H-P-188629188-629
6Ring Seal - Carbon546-P-329693329-693
6Ring Seal - PTFE204H-P-357740892-T
9Stainless Steel Spring622-P-339833339-833
O-Ring, Shaft - 7/16" I.D.1543-S-1313-20838
Shaft O-Ring - Viton1543-P-221169838-V
#8V2O-Ring, Impeller Retainer1543-S-1313-20838
4Gasket - Beaded Pump Case04H-P-188168188-H-168
Beaded Pump Case Gasket - Viton04H-P-237713237-713
5Plate, SS - Grooved Back04H-P-188-169188-169
6Ring Seal - Carbon546-P-331198331-198
6Ring Seal - PTFE204H-P-357741898-T
9Stainless Steel Spring622-P-342824342-824
O-Ring, Shaft - 7/16" I.D.1543-S-1313-24840
Shaft O-Ring - Viton1543-P-221173840-V

Note: All sizes/compounds of Inlet and Outlet pipeline gaskets used with the above pumps are also available from stock. For information on Gaskets, O-Rings, and Seals for other make pumps, please refer to specific make or model series part lists, or send us a sample or the sizes of items or gaskets you require. Delivery of most items is from stock.

Replacement part kits for the above pumps are also available.

O-Rings, Gaskets, Shaft Seals, and Seal Bearings for APV Crepaco Rotary Seal Pumps

Gear Case Gasket (Part 137-756)

Apex Part B-660a, OEM Part 541-P-225153

Apex Part B-685, OEM Part 541-P-133526

Apex Part B-730, OEM Part 541-P-162537

Apex Part B-660, OEM Part 541-P-133075

Apex Part B-670, OEM Part 541-P-133610

Apex Part 728, OEM Part 541-P-232139

Apex Part B-740, OEM Part 541-P-171854
ModelItemDescriptionOEM Part #Apex Part #
#1, #226Gasket Cover - Paper541-P-133526B-685
26Gasket Cover - Paper (Six Holes)541-P-232139B-728
42O-Rings Pump Seal543-S-1313-16S-1313-16
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene03H-P-151261151-261
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene (Flat)103H-P-171623171-623
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile03H-P-203252203-252
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile (Flat)103H-P-203262203-262
65Shaft Seals - Viton03H-P-203251203-251
65Shaft Seals - Viton (Flat)103H-P-203261203-261
4Seal Bearings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137709137-H-709
58Seal Rings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137708137-H-708
#326Gasket Cover - Paper541-P-133075B-660
26Gasket Cover - Paper (Six Holes)541-P-225153B-660-A
42O-Rings Pump Seal543-S-1313-20S-1313-20
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene03H-P-149531149-531
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene (Flat)103H-P-203460203-460
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile03H-P-203232203-232
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile (Flat)103H-P-203242203-242
65Shaft Seals - Viton03H-P-203231203-231
65Shaft Seals - Viton (Flat)103H-P-203251203-251
4Seal Bearings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137713137-H-713
58Seal Rings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137722137-H-722
#4, #626Gasket Cover - Paper541-P-133610B-670
26Gasket Cover - Paper (Six Holes)541-P-171854B-740
42O-Rings Pump Seal543-S-1314-05S-1314-5
40O-Rings - Ext. Shaft Seal543-S-1314-02S-1314-2
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene03H-P-149370149-370
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene (Flat)103H-P-171624171-624
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile03H-P-203212203-212
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile (Flat)103H-P-203222203-222
65Shaft Seals - Viton03H-P-203211203-211
65Shaft Seals - Viton (Flat)103H-P-203221203-221
4Seal Bearings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137734137-H-734
58Steel Rings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137738137-H-738
#70026Gasket Cover - Paper541-P-133610B-670
26Gasket Cover - Paper (Six Holes)541-P-171854B-740
42O-Rings Pump Seal543-S-1314-05S-1314-5
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene03H-P-149370149-370
65Shaft Seals - Neoprene (Flat)103H-P-171624881
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile03H-P-203-212203-212
65Shaft Seals - Nitrile (Flat)103H-P-203222203-222
65Shaft Seals - Viton03H-P-203211203-211
65Shaft Seals - Viton (Flat)103H-P-203221203-221
4Seal Bearings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137734137-H-734
58Seal Rings - Stainless Steel03H-P-137738137-H-738

Shaft Seals are available in Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, and Viton material (203-213, 203-211). All Oil Seals, plus Rear Bearing Seal O-Rings and Flange Mount O-Rings are also available in Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone, or Viton.

Note: Oil Seals 543-SK-608 & 543-SK-609 (Apex# S-1511 and #S-1512), plus O-Rings for Rear Bearing Seals (S-1314-3, S-1314-11 and S-1314-13), Rear Cartridge Seal O-Ring (S-1313-51), Flange Mount O-Rings (03HP334133, 03HP334134, 03HP334136 & 03HP334137) and Apex Repair Kits are available. Advise Equipment Part number and/or pump model when ordering.

Above O-Rings and Pump Seal O-Rings are Buna-N. All sizes are available in EPDM, Silicone, or Viton upon reques. Roller Bearing assemblies: 621-S-4158, Series suffix -B, -D, -E, -F, -G, and -H as well as Outboard Assembly 03A-P-232733 are also available upon request.

Apex also stocks replacement parts for most other makes of pumps and valves, including many obsolete models.