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Pump and Valve Parts

Apex provides replacement parts for the following makes of equipment. Replacement parts include: O-rings, seals, repair kits, stainless parts plus complete replacement or repair of valve stems and rotors for rotary pumps.

  • Alloy Products (APC) Sanitary Valves
  • APV-Crepaco “Centrifugal” and “Rotary” Pumps
  • Cherry-Burrell Valves and “Flex-Flo” Pumps
  • DeLaval Pumps & Valves
  • Fristam & Thomsen Pumps
  • Jabsco & Ampco Pumps
  • Taylor “Flo-Diversion” Valves
  • Tri-Clover® Pumps & Valves
  • Waukesha Pumps


Apex maintains an inventory of all compounds and sizes of O-Rings and Gaskets, Seals and Replacement Parts, as well as Repair Kits for all Sanitary Pumps and Valves. You get the highest quality materials and parts, including PTFE snap-on stem replacements, as well as rotors and stems.

Also available are a series of convenient repair/maintenance kits for APC and Tri-Clover pumps plus new or refurbished valve stems (see Reconditioning services section). We also carry replacement back plates and rotors (new or reconditioned) as available. In addition, we have in stock many of the springs, carbon seals, and repair parts for your sanitary pumps.

Alloy Products Corporation

  • Automatic Sanitary Valves

APV Crepaco

  • “Centrifugal” Pumps – Replacements
  • “V” Series Centrifugal Pumps
  • “Rotary Seal” Pumps

Cipriani Harrison

  • Seals for 100-Series Butterfly Valves

Fristam Pumps

  • Seal Kits and Replacement Gaskets


  • Sanitary Pumps & Valves


  • “Betterfly” Valves
  • “Minidisc” Valves


  • Replacement Gaskets


  • “Flo-Diversion” Valves

Thomsen Pumps

  • Pump Replacement Parts

Tri-Clover Pumps & Valves

  • “Centrifugal” Pumps
  • “Centrifugal” Pumps – Repair Kits
  • “Positive Rotary” (PR) Pumps
  • “Sanitary” Valves

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

  • “Universal Series” Pumps
  • Model “DO” Pumps
  • “Flex-Flo” Pumps