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Freezer Parts

Apex provides replacement parts for the following freezers, freezer pumps, & packing equipment:

  • Anderson Fillers
  • APV-Crepaco Freezers
  • Bagby Cheese Fillers
  • Cherry-Burrell Freezers
  • Hoyer Freezers
  • Vitaline Fillers

Apex O-Ring Replacement Kits for Vitaline Frozen Stick Confection Machines

Apex Kit #DescriptionContents
Kit AKit 28085 for Extractor Drives and Upper Cylinders4 O-rings
Kit BKit 28270 for Heat Seal Cylinders (Bagger)6 O-rings
Kit CKit 28420 for Filler Piston Drive Cylinders4 O-rings
Kit DKit 28435 for Filler Flo Valve Cylinders8 O-rings
Kit EKit 28670 for Stick Inserter Cylinders4 O-rings
Kit FKit 29030 for 4" Main Drive Cylinders6 O-rings & 4 Packing sets
Kit GKit 29070 for Chocolate Drip Cylinders4 O-rings
Kit HKit 34815 for 3-1/2" Main Drive Cylinders6 O-rings & 4 Packing sets
Kit IKit 34889 for 2-1/2" Extractor Drive & Upper Cylinders4 O-rings
Kit JKit 31050 for Defrost Cylinders6 O-rings & 3 Packing sets
Kit KKit 32270 for Sealer Cylinders7 O-rings
Kit LKit for 4-1/2" Main Drive Cylinders9 O-rings & 4 Packing sets
Kit 6*Replacement Kit for 6-wide Vitaline Filler Units39 O-rings & 18 U-Cups
Kit 8*Replacement Kit for 8-wide Vitaline Filler Units51 O-rings & 24 U-Cups
Kit 12*Replacement Kit for 12-wide Vitaline Filler Units75 O-rings & 36 U-Cups
--Filler Nozzle Extender - IVV-37716-E also available.--

How to Order: Specify the Apex # (“Kit + Letter”) or indicate the OEM Kit # plus the quantities of each kit desired when ordering. Alternatively, just order the specific O-rings, U-Cups, and/or Vee Packing Sets as needed.

*Note: “Kit 6”, “Kit 8”, and “Kit 12” each contain the exact amount of O-rings and Cup-seals required for one complete change, corresponding respectively to the width of the filler unit. Each different item is separately packed in plastic bags together with list of quantities enclosed, sizes, and where used.

O-Rings, U-Cups & Vee Packing Sets for Vitaline Filler Units

Eqpt Part #Apex Part #Description
6227-031587O-ring - Filler Assembly Flow Valves
6227-111575O-ring - Aux. Chocolate Supply Tank Agitator
6227-131576O-ring - Stick Inserter Cylinder and Chocolate Dip Cylinder
6227-141588O-ring - Filler Assembly. Water Ice Nozzles
6227-151589O-ring - Filler Piston Drive, Upper Drive & Extractor Drive Cylinders
6227-161590O-ring - Filler Assemblies; Water Ice and Ice Cream Nozzles
6227-171591O-ring - Filler Nozzles, General Assembly
6227-191592O-ring - Filler Nozzles, Chocolate Supply Tank + 3" Sealer Air Cylinders
6227-201574O-ring - Shields, Filler Nozzles
6227-211596O-ring - Filler Assembly, Dry Coater
6227-231593O-ring - Filler Nozzles, General Assembly
6227-251577O-ring - 4" Sealer Air Cylinders
6227-261594O-ring - 3" Sealer Air Cylinders
6227-271594O-ring - Filler Piston Manifold Assembly
6227-291580O-ring - Stick Inserter Cylinder and Chocolate Dip Cylinder
6227-331583O-ring - Filler Piston Drive, Extractor Drive & Defrost-Air Cylinders
6227-371581O-ring - 3" Sealer Air Cylinders
6227-451578O-ring - 4" Main Drive Air-Oil Cylinder and 3" Sealer Air Cylinder
6230-021579O-ring - Filler Flow Valve Cylinders
6230-061582O-ring - Piston Drive Cylinder* Extractor Drive & 2-1/2" Defrost Air-Oil Cylinders
6230-071597O-ring - Filler Assembly, Dry Coater
6230-101595O-ring - 3" Sealer Air Cylinders
6250-401586-TC*U-cups - 3/4" Filler Piston Cylinders
6250-501585-TC*U-cups - 1" Filler Piston Cylinders
6250-601584-TC*U-cups - 1-1/2" Filler Piston Cylinders
6260-019111Vee Packing Set - Defrost Cylinders
6260-019112Vee Packing Set - Main Drive Air-Oil Cylinder (4 ring set)
6260-039113Vee Packing Set - Main Drive Air-Oil Cylinder (5 ring set)
----Filler Nozzle Extender - VV-37716-B also available.

*PTFE-coated Cup Seals for Vitaline piston cylinders are proven to offer longer, more economical service.

Gaskets, O-Rings, & Seals for Cherry-Burrell Freezers & Heat Exchangers

Eqpt Part #Apex Part #DescriptionSize
404611603-RGasket, Rubber - Face Plates*4-3/16" ID × 5-5/32" OD
   ↳1603-TGasket, PTFE (1/16" thick)
404621606-RGasket, Rubber - Face Plates*4-3/16" ID × 5-11/16" OD
   ↳1606-TGasket, PTFE (1/16" thick)
404641604-RGasket, Rubber - Face Plates*5-5/8" ID × 6-15/32" OD
   ↳1604-TGasket, PTFE (1/16" thick)
404631601-RGasket, Rubber - Face Plates*6-1/32" ID × 6-13/16" OD
   ↳1601-TGasket, PTFE (1/16" thick)
554-0396554-0396-CRing Seal, Carbon2-1/16" × 2-7/8"
554-0660554-0660-TRing Seal, PTFE2-1/16" × 2-7/8"
554-0909554-0909-CRing Seal, Carbon2-3/8" × 2-3/4"
554-1125554-1125-TRing Seal, PTFE2-3/8" × 2-3/4"
554-073340733O-ring, Seal OD2-5/8" ID
554-019240192O-ring, Seal ID2-1/4" ID
554-023440234O-ring on Mix Pump6-1/4" ID
554-090840908O-ring2-1/2" ID
554-017040170O-ring for Shaft Sleeve1-1/2" ID
554-013940139O-ring for Drive Shaft1" ID
554-018740187O-ring on Gauge2" ID
554-039940-QH-1"Gasket - Q-Line1"
554-03986002Reducer Gasket - Q-Line1-1/2" to 1"
554-0325308Gasket - I-Line1-1/2"
554-0332309-TGasket, PTFE - I-Line2"
323941697O-ring3" ID
339851696O-ring1-3/16" ID
349431668O-ring on Mix Pump3/4" ID
352171669O-ring - Whipper Dasher1-1/2" ID
352811661O-ring on Control Valve1-5/16" ID
370921666O-ring on Control Valve1-5/8" ID
386591665O-ring on Gauge2" ID
397071662O-ring - Whipper Dasher1-3/4" ID
426821631O-ring - Front Freezer Tube6-3/4" ID
438151630O-ring - Rear Freezer Tube6-1/2" ID
554-023943135-SO-ring, Silicone (Front Tube)6-3/4" ID
554-023643815-SO-ring, Silicone (Rear Tube)6-1/2" ID
414471698O-ring on Mix Pump4-5/8" ID
427761699O-ring - Whipper Dasher4-3/4" ID
426841667O-ring on Mix Pump7/8" ID
432501663O-ring on Mix Pump6-1/4" ID

*Food grade Buna-N Rubber. Note: APEX replacement gaskets for freezer “face plates” are also available in “Grey Fibre” or Special Green “Non-Asbestos” material (use “-C” suffix or denote material desired when ordering). For “PTFE” series, use “-THD” suffix for 1/8″ thickness, or advise thickness desired). If you need any item(s) not listed above or for any other make or model(s) freezer/thermutator, send us a sample and/or equipment numbers.

Note: The above items are some of the parts we have furnished for the various models of Cherry-Burrell VOGT Freezers and Model 3d122.

O-Rings, Gaskets, & Seals for APV-Crepaco Freezers

Eqpt Part #Apex Part #DescriptionSize
07HP250800250-800Dasher Seal - Rear Door (K-18/K-40)2-1/8" × 2-1/2"
07HP250802250-802Dasher Seal - Rear Door (K40 and K60)2-5/8" × 3"

Miscellaneous O-Rings*

543-S-1313-15833O-ring - Check Valve Seal3/4" ID
543-S-1313-23811O-ring - Mix Inlet & Outlet Valves, 1st Cyl.
and Dasher, Rear Seal Sleeve Retainer
1-1/4" ID
543-S-1313-28844O-ring1-1/2" ID
543-S-1313-29829O-ring - Ice Cream Outlet, Second Cylinder1-5/8" ID
543-S-1313-32847O-ring - Outlet Valve Sleeve Seal & Tube2"
543-S-1313-33867O-ring - Dasher Seal in Rear Door2-1/8" ID
543-S-1313-36849O-ring - Connecting Tubes between Cylinders2-1/2" ID
543-S-1313-72814O-ring - Ammonia Seal & Cylinder Doors8" ID
543-S-1313-73813O-ring - Ammonia Seal8-1/2" ID
543-S-1314-2859O-ring - Dasher, Rear Seal Sleeve1-3/4" ID
543-S-1314-48866O-ring - Ammonia Seal & Cylinder Ends9" ID

Parts for #2 Freezer Pumps

156-H-624B-728Gasket, Cover - Sealeak Paper (6 holes)
133-H-526B-685Gasket, Sealeak Paper
151-H-261822Shaft Seal, Rubber (Neoprene)
03HP203252203-252Shaft Seal, Rubber (Nitrile)
03HP137708137-H-708Seal Ring (Stainless Steel)
03HP137709137-H-709Seal Bearing (Stainless Steel)
543-S-1313-16834O-ring - Pump Seal13/16" ID
543-S1314-3857O-ring - Rear Bearing Seal1-7/8" ID

Parts for #3 Freezer Pumps

162-H-537B-730Gasket - Sealeak Paper
133-H-075B-660Gasket, Cover - Sealeak Paper (6 holes)
149-H-531873Shaft Seal, Rubber (Neoprene)
03HP203232203-232Shaft Seal, Rubber (Nitrile)
03HP137713137-H-713Seal Bearing (Stainless Steel)
03HP137722137-H-722Seal Ring (Stainless Steel)
543-S-1313-20838O-ring - Pump Seal1-1/16" ID
543-S-1314-11860O-ring - Rear Bearing Seal2-7/8" ID

Parts on Ingredient Feeders/Blenders

543-S-1313-19837O-ring1" ID
543-S-1313-27843O-ring1-1/2" ID
543-S-1313-34848O-ring2-1/4" ID
543-S-1313-46855O-ring3-3/4" ID
543-S-1314-13861O-ring6-1/2" ID
101H-4"346Gasket, Gray - 4" Fitting on Blender
101H-3"345Gasket, Gray - 3" Fitting on Blender
#4Gasket, Paper - 1" Standard Sanitary Fittings

*CP Freezer Model M-55 with Model S-4 Ingredient Feeder and Model B-4 Blender attached uses most items listed. If you don’t see the item you need for this or any other model freezer, advise equipment part numbers or send us a sample.

The above items, including Seal Bearings, and all sizes “inlet” gaskets (Gray or Black APC style) are maintained in stock at all times. Nyliners #S-1914 and #S-1918 as well as “Spring Cord” (Apex #278-708) for Crepaco Freezers plus many other items and pipe gaskets of all types and sizes are also available from stock.