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Filler Parts

Apex provides replacement parts for the following filling & packing equipment:

  • Cherry-Burrell Fillers
  • Elo-Pak Fillers
  • Evergreen Fillers
  • Federal Fillers
  • Haab Packers
  • Haskon Fillers
  • Liqui-box Fillers
  • Scholle Fillers
  • Anderson Fillers & Box Sealers
  • Vitaline Stick Confection Machines, including all repair kits

Replacement parts include suction cups, O-rings, gaskets, and seals. Click here to view an image gallery of many suction cups and seals that we carry in stock!

Filling & Packing Equipment

Above: Part Number 1584-TC for Vitaline fillers. (TC designation refers to Teflon Coated)

The following is a partial list of some of the makes and models of various Milk & Ice Cream Fillers and Dairy Products Packaging Equipment for which Apex makes and stocks replacement parts such as O-rings, gaskets, filler seals and suction cups. If you don’t see the item you need, ask for it!

OEM Part #Apex Part #Description

Anderson "340" Filler

Z-65-193236O-ring (3/14" ID)
Z-65-423241O-ring, Hopper Assembly (3-7/8" ID)
Z-65-453339O-ring (3-1/4" ID)
Z-65-473342O-ring, Valve (3-5/8" ID)
Z-65-473344O-Ring, Piston
--3344-TO-Ring, PTFE

Anderson "555" Filler

X-90-31505Suction Cup, Red (1-1/2" diameter)
1505-ASuction Cup, Tan (1-2/8" diameter)
VC-33-ESuction Cup, Blue (1-3/8" diameter)

Anderson "640" Filler

X-6-42X-642O-ring (3-1/4" ID)
X-6-45X-645O-ring (3-5/8" ID)
X-6-94X-694O-ring (3-7/8" ID)
X-6-95X-695O-ring (2-3/4" ID)
X-6-98X-698O-ring (5/8" ID)

Anderson "915" Filler

X-149-69001U-Cups (1" × 1-1/2")
X-149-29012U-Cups (2" × 2-5/8")
X-6-233218O-ring (1-1/2" ID)
X-6-293326O-ring (2" ID)
X-6-333330O-ring (2-1/2" ID)

Auto-Pak "4700" Filler

9977016O-ring (2-5/8" ID)
7018O-ring (1/2" ID)
7019O-ring (9/16" ID)
7031O-ring (1-1/8" ID)
7032O-ring (3-1/8" ID)
7033O-ring (1-1/4" ID)
10877034O-ring, Piston (2-1/2" ID)
10837073O-ring, Piston (1-3/4" ID)
7074Gasket, 3" Fitting
10467075O-ring (1" ID)
10487076O-ring, Hopper (2-3/4")
10867077O-ring (2-1/4" ID)
10807078O-ring (4-1/2" ID)
10367079O-ring (3-3/8" ID)
4015168-017081Gasket, 4" Fitting
12852-17082Gasket, PTFE, Piston
123707083Gasket, PTFE, Piston
10227086O-ring, Spool (1-3/4" ID)
10707088O-ring, Valve (3-1/4" ID)
2698SC-2698Suction Cup (1-5/8" diameter)
2811SC-2811Suction Cup (2-1/16" diameter)
5391SC-5391Suction Cup (3-1/8" diameter)
5392SC-5392Suction Cup (2-1/2 diameter)
OEM Part #Apex Part #Description

Bagby Cheese Filler

B-563B-563Paper Gaskets

Gram Filler

--1476O-ring (9/16" ID)
--1477O-ring (3/4" ID)
--1481O-ring (3/4" ID)
--1482O-ring (13/16" ID)
--1483O-ring (7/8" ID)
--1484O-ring (15/16" ID)
--1486O-ring (13/16" ID)
--1487O-ring (1" ID)
--1488O-ring (1-1/4" ID)
--1489O-ring (2-1/4" ID)
--1491O-ring (1/2" ID)
--1492O-ring (4" ID)
--1494O-ring (4-1/8" ID)

Dole Filler

--1639-SO-ring, Silicone (3/8" ID)
--1640-SO-ring, Silicone (2" ID)
--1642-SO-ring, Silicone (11/16" ID)
--1646-SO-ring, Silicone (9/16" ID)
--1647-SO-ring, Silicone (9/16" ID)
--1648-SO-ring, Silicone (3/4" ID)
--1650-SO-ring, Silicone (3-3/4" ID)
--1656-SO-ring, Silicone (5/8" ID)

Sweetheart Filler

--3113-SO-ring, Silicone (9/16" ID)
--3117-SO-ring, Silicone (13/16" ID)
--3210-SO-ring, Silicone (3/4" ID)
--3212-SO-ring, Silicone (7/8" ID)
--3214-SO-ring, Silicone (1" ID)
--3218-SO-ring, Silicone (1-1/4" ID)
--3224-SO-ring, Silicone (1-3/4" ID)
--3226-SO-ring, Silicone (2" ID)
--3234-SO-ring, Silicone (3" ID)
--3235-SO-ring, Silicone (3-1/8" ID)
--3312-SO-ring, Silicone (5/8" ID)
--3316-SO-ring, Silicone (7/8" ID)
--3330-SO-ring, Silicone (2-1/8" ID)
OEM Part #Apex Part #Description

Cemac Bottle Fillers #14, #28*

1336021658Gasket, 1-1/2" Inlet
D-1503D-1503TIP Ring (21/32" ID)

Cherry-Burrell Glass Fillers*

73841991Filler, Rubber, Gray (3/8" thick)
74861992Filler, Rubber, Gray (5/8" thick)
73861996Filler, Rubber, Gray (7/16" thick)
73861998Filler, Rubber, Gray (1/2" thick)

Pure-Pak Fillers**

44-KN-32111550Piston O-ring - RP Filler Cylinder
44-KS-53201552Piston O-ring - QP Filler Cylinder
74-AB-51311570Disc, Urethane - Vacuum Nozzle
74-AB-51481570-SDisc, Silicone - Vacuum Nozzle
74-AB-516174-AB-5161Vacuum Cup - Nozzles
44-AA-711989Cup - Vacuum-Feeder Vacuum Nozzle
74-KB-530674-KB-5306Defoamer Tube (2-1/2" ID × 1/4" thick × 72" long)
74-KB-555374-KB-5553Clamp Gasket - One Side Flat (1-1/2")
74-KB-575774-KB-5757Clamp Gasket - One Side Flat (2")
74-KB-555274-KB-5552Clamp Gasket - One Side Flat (2-1/2")

Federal Fillers

1943419434O-ring - Valve Vent Tubes (11/16" ID)
1980219802O-ring - Valve Vent Tubes (15/16" ID)
2605-SF-2605-SO-ring - Valve Vent Tubes (11/16" ID)
3335933359-WDiaphragm - Level Probe
58875887Gasket - Float Cover
58885888Gasket - Inspection Cover
6265-A6265-AGasket - 1-1/2" Inlet
63406340Gasket - Tapered 2" Inlet Pipe
88108810O-ring - Bowl Cover
89588958O-ring - Bowl Cover

Haab Carton Casers

SC-100SC-100Suction Cup, small (1" diameter)
SC-101SC-101Suction Cup, large (1-3/4" diameter)
SC-112SC-112Suction Cup

Haskon/Liquipak "Seal-O-Matic" 340, 540, & 740-M

Ring 57060O-ring - Mandrel Cap (3/4" ID)
Ring 157060O-ring - Mandrel Cap (13/16" ID)
Ring 157061O-Ring
202867062Suction Cup - Picker (1" diameter)
111767062-ASuction Cup - Picker (1-1/4" diameter)
202897062-SPSuction Cup, Vinyl
OEM Part #Apex Part #Description


108877063Vaccum Cup - Unloader (1-1/2" diameter)
145567064Vacuum Disc - Unloader (1-9/16" diameter)
154437064-AVacuum Disc - Tapered (1-9/16" diameter)
Ring 167065O-ring, Piston Cylinder (7/8" ID)
Ring 37066O-ring, Piston Cylinder (1" ID)
Ring 27067O-ring, Bottom Breaker (1/4" ID)
Ring 107068O-ring, Manifold & Valve (3/8" ID)
105847070Vacuum Disc (1-1/4" diameter)

"Liqui-Box" Fillers

--1314-TDisc, PTFE - Bonnet (1-3/4" × 1/8" thick)
--1319-TDisc, PTFE - Valve Body (1/8" thick)
100101339-TDisc, PTFE - Bonnet (2-1/4" × 5/32" thick)
100121779-TBushing, PTFE - Packing Glands
70021782O-ring - Piston (1-1/8" ID)
70171783O-ring - Foot Valve (3/4" ID)
70181784O-ring - Piston Rod Pin (5/8" ID)
100151785-TDisc, PTFE - Bonnet (1-3/4" × 5/32" thick)
100181786-TDisc, PTFE - Valve Body (5/32" thick)
70161787O-ring - Packing Glands (3/8" ID)
70011788O-ring - Piston Rod Pin (9/16" ID)

NIMCO Fillers

OR-1027041-QQuad Ring (1-1/4" ID)
OR-1017042O-ring (1-15/16" ID)
OR-1037043O-ring (6-1/4" ID)

"Portion Pak" Creamer Fillers

--6395-SO-ring, Silicone - (3/4" ID)
--6396-SO-ring, Silicone - (9/16" ID)
--6397-SO-ring, Silicone - (11/16" ID)
--6398-SO-ring, Silicone - (1" ID)
--6399-SO-ring, Silicone - (3/4" ID)

Remy Fillers

7090SC-7090Vacuum Disc (3/16" ID)
7091SC-7091Suction Disc (9/32" ID)
--74338O-ring, Silicone (3-1/8" ID)
--75329O-ring (2" ID)
--95344O-ring (3-7/8" ID)

Scholle Fillers

187022187022-AO-ring - Plunger (3/4" ID)
198030198030-AO-ring - Valve Stem (1/2" ID)
198031198031-AGasket, PTFE
198032198032-AO-ring - Valve (1" ID)
41-RD-10241-RD-102O-ring - Cylinder Bearing (7/8" ID)
45-RD-22045-RD-220Gasket - Fitting (1-1/2")
45-RD-22245-RD-222O-ring - Rod Bushing (3/4" ID)

*All types and styles of “Filler Valve Assemblies” (Filler Specialties, Filler Machine, Fogg Fillers, etc.) for converted glass filler are available.
**Ask for cross-reference charts for your specific model-Cherry-Burrell- “Carton” Fillers and/or “Pure Pak” fillers. Available also are charts for replacement O-rings and seals for Anderson, Auto-Park, Haskon/Hercules, Scholle, Luqui-Box and Portion-pak fillers and Crepaco or Cherry Burrell Freezers and Freezer Pumps and Vitaline equipment.

Most O-rings above are packed 25 per box. Special packaging available upon request. Many of the O-rings listed for above fillers equipment, various Aseptic Fillers and some other equipment are also available in high-temperature-resistant Red Silicone rubber or Viton, which can give you longer wear and more labor-saving service. Call for further information.

Cherry-Burrell Filler “H-75” and “H-90” Series

Carton Outfeed, Bottom Oven Assembly & Product Metering Pump Drive

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-066560414Gasket, Asbestos, Oven Housing4
305-104160432Gasket, Asbestos, Heater Pipe Assembly43
590-080760082Suction Cup, Carton Outfeed4
554-0531600524O-Ring, Piston, Metering Pump Drive23
554-0113603412O-Ring, Body, Metering Pump Drive25

Product Metering Pump, Valve & Bowl Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-016560232O-Ring, Bowl Cover Retainers2
554-09276030-U2U-Cup Seal, Piston5
554-15536030-S--U-Cup Seal, Silicone--
554-058460281O-Ring, Bowl Cover Seals7
554-017060446O-Ring, Inlet Valves9
554-014860216O-Ring, Discharge Valve Nozzles19
554-06816003-T6Gasket, PTFE, Discharge Valve Nozzles18
220-260060036Gasket, Rubber, Discharge Valve Nozzles18
554-032560812Gasket, Clamp, Bottom Plate (1-1/2" Flat)14
554-032660821Gasket, Clamp, Bottom Plate (2" Flat)19

Product Storage Tank & Sanitary “Air Operated” Valve

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-039960103Gasket, Clamp-on Cover (40-QH-1")17
305-174960451Band, Pressure (Rubber) Product Tank Bowl13
554-032860841Gasket, Clamp-on Tank Inlet (3" Flat)26
554-032660822Gasket, Clamp-on Inlet Pipe (2" Flat)29
554-040060118Gasket, Clamp-on Elbows (40-QH-1-1/2")38
554-0325608116Gasket, Clamp-on Elbows (1-1/2" Flat)40
554-039860021Gasket, Clamp, Reducer (40WNQ-1-1/2 to 1)34
554-040160122Gasket, Clamp-on Adapters (40-QH-2")40
214-380060011Diaphragm, White, Product Level Probe12
554-03416046-T1O-Ring, PTFE, Air Operated Valve5
554-0333310-T1Gasket, PTFE, Valve Body Tee (40-IT-2-1/2")7
554-007260321O-Ring, Stem Air Operated Valve8
554-0808--1O-Ring, Bowl24

Defoamer, Defoamer Blower & Top Oven Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-025560361O-Ring, Defoamer Indent Plug10
554-0324307-T2Gasket, PTFE, Tube Ferrule (40-IT-1")24
305-6069DT-H90-36"2Tube, Flexible Vacuum (2" Fitting)2
--DT-H75-35"2Tube, Flexible Vacuum (1-1/2" Fitting)2
554-044160381Gasket, Gray, Defoamer Blower Seat Seal1
554-040060112Gasket, Clamp-on Elbows (40-QH-1-1/2")5
554-032860842Gasket, Clamp-on Elbows (3" Flat)6
554-032760833Gasket, Clamp-90 Elbows (2-1/2" Flat)9
554-066160402Gasket, Asbestos, Top Oven Assembly12
554-067860484Gasket, Asbestos, Heat Shield16

Index Drive Train, Dormer & Sealer & Dater Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-0006604914O-Ring, Scaler Jaws25
554-1151--12Quad Ring Seals, Mandrel Cap20
306-2346--1Rotary Seal, Drive Shaft3
554-019560512O-Ring, Outer Seal, Index Drive Train4
554-011160522O-Ring, Inner Seal, Index Drive Train5
554-0021600424O-Ring, Mandrel Water Ports15
554-0052605412O-Ring, Mandrel Caps16
554-020560556O-Ring, Mandrel Hubs29
554-059560561Seal, Oil (Chicago Rawhide)25

No Carton-No Full Air Cylinder

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-09796099-U2U-Cup Seal5
554-09786098-U2U-Cup Seal8

Infeed Suction Arm

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
590-080760086Suction Cups12

Water Circulation Units

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-032560811Gasket (40IH-1-1/2")3

Note: All sizes of Hose and Clear Tubings with proper fittings attached for all vacuum, gas and air lines are also available. Advise part numbers and sizes when ordering. Use OEM # 590-0807 on Outfeed and/or Infeed Suction Arms.

Cherry-Burrell “Q-80” Series Carton Fillers

Product Metering Pump: Pump Drive, Metering Bowl, and Valves Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-011360348O-Ring, Pump Drive Assembly (Bearing Body)32
554-0031600516O-Ring, Pump Drive Assembly (Bearing Pistons)34
554-016560234O-Ring, Bowl Cover Retainers (1-3/8" ID)2
554-058460284O-Ring, Bowl Cover Seals (6" ID)
554-09276030-U4U-Cup Seals, Piston-Metering Pump5
554-15536030-S--U-Cup Seal, Silicone--
554-06526030-Q4Quad Ring Seals, Piston-Metering Pump15
400-690130841-1/2" Gasket, Clamp, Inlet Valve Connect14
554-018760254O-Ring, Valves9
400-690230942" Gasket, Clamp, Discharge Valve Connect--
554-014860214O-Ring, Discharge Valve Deflectors19
220-260060034Gasket, Rubber, Discharge Valve18
554-06816003-T4Gasket, PTFE, Discharge Valve--

1Note: “Quad Ring” Seals or “O-Ring” Seals for pistons are also available from stock. Please specify style desired when ordering.

Change Parts for King Air Filter

Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescription
51076Filter P.S., 6-1/2" OD
1003Scrubber Cartridges

Carton “Infeed” and “Outfeed” and Bottom Oven, Breaker & Tucker Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
590-230560902Suction Cup, Carton Outfeed, 1-1/4" diameter (Black)25
590-078760002Suction Cup, Carton Outfeed, 1-1/2" diameter2--
500-078760086Suction Cup, Carton Infeed (Large Cups)7
554-027360292O-Ring, Air Cylinder, Bottom Oven Assembly3
554-066560414Gasket, Asbestos, Bottom Oven Housing14
554-007360332O-Ring, Carton Outfeed Block Assembly8
554-01196019--O-Ring, Bar Guides21
554-007360332O-Ring, Carton Outfeed Block Assembly13
554-015860221O-Ring, Cylinder, Carton Outfeed23
214-380060011Diaphragm, White Rubber, Product Level Probe37
554-039860021Clamp Reducer Gasket (40-WNQ-1-1/2" to 1")36
554-0325608141-1/2" Gasket, Piping Connections28
554-040040QH-1-1/251-1/2" Q-Line Clamp Gasket22
554-0328608413" Gasket, Tank Inlet Connections20
554-039940-QH-131" Q-Line Clamp Gasket4
664-065460201O-Ring, Product Storage Tank Cover13

2Some older models may require these larger diameter suction cups available only from Apex.

Product Tank Air Valves and Defoamer and Top Oven Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-03446031-T1O-Ring, PTFE, Air Operated Valve5
554-007260321O-Ring, Valve Stem8
554-0333310-T12-1/2" Gasket, PTFE, Valve Adapter7
305-3164DT-Q80-28"2Flexible Vacuum Tube (28" length)1
554-013460354O-Ring, Ferrule, Defoamer Tubes9
554-025560361O-Ring, Indent Plug, Defoamer Assembly5
554-041160381Exhauster Seal (Gray), Defoamer Blower1
554-032860845Clamp Gasket, Suction Elbow & 3" Pipe4
554-0327608382-1/2" Clamp Gasket, Piping Connections8
554-066160402Gasket, Asbestos, Top Oven Assembly28
554-040040QH-1-1/211-1/2" Q-Line Clamp Gasket on Suction Line11

Index Drive Train, Former (Mandrel) Assembly & Captive Water Cooler

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-018660262O-Ring, Rotary Seal, Main Shaft3
554-010160172O-Ring, Sleeve, Shaft Rotary Seal6
554-0583600612O-Ring, Water Chamber and Top Plates11
554-0646600424O-Ring, Mandrel Posts (1/4" ID)19
554-0644600924O-Ring, Mandrel Posts (9/16" ID)20
554-064560476O-Ring, Between Main Shaft and Mandrel Base--

O-Rings, Gaskets and Suction Cups for Cherry-Burrell “QN-110” Fillers

Carton Infeed & Outfeed and Bottom Oven, Breaker & Tucker Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
590-216160866Suction Cup, Infeed (Large Cups)17
590-230560902Suction Cup, Carton Outfeed17

Product Metering Pump: Pump Drive, Metering Bowl and Valve Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-016560232O-Ring, Bowl Cover Retainers (1-3/8" ID)2
554-112360924O-Ring, Bowl Cover Seals7
554-11226091-U4U-Cup Seal, Piston, Metering Pump5
554-032560812Gasket, Clamp, Inlet Valve Connect (1-1/2")14
554-018760254O-Ring, Inlet Valves9
554-03246080--Gasket, Clamp, Valve Connection (1")15

Product Storage Tank

OEM Part #Apex #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-065460201O-Ring, Product Storage Tank Cover13
554-039960103Gasket, Clamp (40-QH-1")4
554-040060115Gasket, Clamp (40QH-1-1/2")22
554-032860844Gasket, Piping Connections (3")28
554-039860021Gasket, Reducer (40-WNQ-1-1/2" to 1")36
214-380060011Diaphragm, White Rubber, Product Level Probe--

Product Tank Air Valves and Defoamer and Top Oven Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-3164DT-Q80-28"2Flexible Vacuum Tubes11
554-0044--4O-Ring, Air Cylinder7
554-0077604914O-Ring, Dater Bridge and Sealer38
--6042--Gaskets (2" × 4") on Top Oven--
554-013460352O-Ring, Ferrule, Defoamer Tubes9

Index Drive Train and Mandrel Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-018660262O-Ring, Rotary Seal, Main Shaft3
554-010160172O-Ring, Sleeve, Shaft Rotary Seal6
554-0325608112Gasket, Water Chamber and Top Plates11
554-0646600424O-Ring, Mandrel Posts (1/4" ID)19
554-0644600924O-Ring, Mandrel Posts (9/16" ID)20
554-064560276O-Ring, Between Main Shaft and Mandrel Base--
590-0053--12Washer (3/8"), Nylon40

1Also used on Q-80 filler.

O-Rings, Gaskets and Suction Cups for Cherry-Burrell “NEP-210” Fillers

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
554-0101601732O-Ring, Mandrels1
705-528160791O-Ring, Mandrel Cap6
590-216160868Suction Cup, Infeed2
590-013960874Suction Cup, Outfeed12
554-103160764O-Ring, Mounting Pad Bottom Seal9
554-013960192O-Ring, Drip Shield Carton Conveyor12
705-564760788Washer, PTFE, Top Breaker2
705-54146088-U2Seal U-Cup, Product Pump11
554-070160741O-Ring, Discharge Valve5
544-03446031-T1O-Ring, PTFE (1-1/8" ID)--
705-6353DT-NEP-28"2Flexible Vacuum Tube (28" length)1
705-6178DT-NEP-35"2Flexible Vacuum Tube (35" length)1
554-044160381Seal, Rubber, Defoamer Blower1
40-IH-2-1/2"3104Gasket, Defoamer Blower Piping9
40-IH-3"3112Gasket, Defoamer Blower Piping (3")1
554-0324608010Gasket, Product Tank, 1" Fitting8
554-032560811Gasket, Product Tank, 1-1/2" Fitting9
554-032860841Gasket, Product Tank, 3" Fitting10
214-380060011Diaphragm, Product Line Probe2
554-008260771O-Ring, Nut Seal1
554-065460201O-Ring, Product Tank13
554-0333310-T1Gasket, PTFE (40-IT-2-1/2")--
554-039960102Gasket (40QH-1")11
554-040060112Gasket (40-QH-1-1/2")12

Pure-Pak One Quart Carton Milk Packaging Machine, Model “OP”

 Unit: 74-KB-5000 Filler Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
44-KS-532015528O-Ring, Filler Cylinder Pistons59
902-1219294O-Ring, Filler Cylinder Breather Tubes73
HE516-00100015732O-Ring, Defoamer Steam Heat Adapter34
44-KS-538319181Gasket, Filler Milk Tank Lid Cap34
74-KB-53061--Defoamer Tube, Clear Plastic, 6ft long
(2-1/2" ID × 1/4" wall)
--281-1/2" "Snap-in" Gaskets on Filler Cylinder Manifold--

 Unit: 74-AB-5000 Feeder Turret Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
74-AB-516174-AB-5161--Vacuum Cup, Nozzles--
74-AB-5131157012Disc, Urethane, Vacuum Nozzles23
4AU-50591--Vacuum Supply Turret Hose, Clear Plastic
(3/16" ID × 1/8" wall)

 Unit: 74-CB-5000 Bottom Sealing Mandrel Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
74-KF-214344391Quad Seal, Bottom Sealing Manifold Ring37
74-CB-111444451Quad Seal, Bottom Sealing Manifold Ring36
Q-7544481Quad Seal, Bottom Sealing Manifold Ring35

1Use OEM part number or size when ordering. Apex furnishes only Clear Plastic Food Tubings which meet FDA requirements. Available in all sizes.
21-1/2″ Snap-Tites. Some models can use a 1-1/2″ Flat Rubber gasket in this location.

Note: O-Rings to replace “Quad Rings” are also available and have proven to give excellent service.

All O-rings above are also available in Red Silicone Stock. If your model uses any other or additional O-rings or gaskets not listed, send a sample and/or the equipment part number when ordering.

Pure-Pak One Half Gallon Plastic Milk Packaging Machine, Model “TP”

Unit: 74-KF-2000 Filler Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
74-KF-2144155412O-Ring, Filler Valve Seat Assembly31
74-KF-2108155612O-Ring, Calibration Bushings39
74-KF-2107155412O-Ring, Calibration Tubes37
74-KF-2145155712O-Ring, Displacement Cylinders26
74-KF-2143155812O-Ring, Fixed Cylinders23
74-KF-214719041O-Ring, Low Level Electrode Holder51
74-KF-214819051O-Ring, Low Level Electrode10
HE516-047090015601O-Ring, Float Valve Assembly42
QBL-215611O-Ring, Float Valve Assembly42
74-KF-214615631O-Ring, Drip Shield, Tank Valve Tube8

Unit: 74-AF-2000 Feeder, Nozzle Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
74-AC-132815723Disc, Urethane, Vacuum Nozzle19
74-KH-403919294O-Ring, "Quik-as-Wink" Valve30
HE516-00200019534O-Ring, "Quik-as-Wink" Valve30

Unit: 74-CF-2000 Bottom Seal & 74-NF-2000 Top Seal Assemblies

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
HE-516-02800019142O-Ring, Water Manifold Inlet Tubes1
HE-514-13400019106O-Ring, Top Sealing Inner Jaw Slide10
HE-514-13200019036O-Ring, Top Sealing Inner Sealer Holder24
HE-516-005000155916O-Ring, Conveyer Ass'y Guide Rail Tunnels--
------Mayon Tubing, Clear Plastic (3/16" ID × 1/8" wall)--

If your model uses any PTFE Guide Rail Rollers, etc., send us a sample and/or the equipment part number when ordering.

Pure-Pak One Gallon Plastic Carton Milk Packaging Machine, Model “WP”

Unit: 74-KC-1200 Filler, Bowl & Cylinder Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
HE516-038500156612O-Ring, Cylinder Plungers (3-1/8")23
902-41156412O-Ring, Cylinder Plungers (3" ID)23
74-KC-142715686Gasket, Filler Cylinders41
HE516-02600019096O-Ring, Filler Calve Sleeves20
74-KC-143219596O-Ring, Cylinder Caps (74-KC-1215)19
HE516-02600015631O-Ring, Filler Bowl Drip Shield1
QBL-0215611O-Ring, Q-Float Assembly2
HE516-04090015601O-Ring, Q-Float Assembly3
HE516-03200015591O-Ring, Low Level Electrode Holder3
45-214919131O-Ring, Filler Transfer Housing Cover2

Unit: 74-AC-1200 Feeder Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
74-AC-132815723Disc, Urethane, Turret Vacuum Nozzles41
--1572-S--Disc, Red Silicone--
HE516-02900019294--O-Ring, Feeder Drive Shaft (Hunt Valve)41
HE516-00200019534O-Ring, Feeder Drive Shaft (Hunt Valve)--
--118"Vacuum Supply Turret Hose (3/16" LD × 1/8" wall)33

1Use OEM part number or size when ordering.

Unit: 74-CC-1200 Bottom Sealing Mandrel Assembly

OEM Part #Apex Part #Quantity UsedDescriptionIndex #
HE516-01450019116O-Ring, Bottom Sealing Mandrel Caps72
HE516-011500190918O-Ring, Bottom Sealing Mandrel Plugs75
HE516-01220019101O-Ring, Bottom Sealing Water Manifold80

Flex Couplings for Evergreen Fillers

We are continually adding photos to our gallery, here is an example of a flex coupling for Evergreen Fillers. Click for an expanded image.


Multi Purpose Vacuum/Suction Cup & Seal Listing

The following are many of the suction cups and seals that Apex offers. Click on each picture to view a larger image!

Blue Vinyl Suction Cups









VC-13A 1/4 NPT



VC-31A 3/8 NPT


VC-32W3 1/4 NPT

VC-33A 7/16 HL 1/8 STEM








VC-41 A

VC-41 C
























VC-322A 1/4 NPT



VC-B3 1/4 HL






VC-B3-1 (other)









Additional Suction Cups