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Apex Product Line

Apex Product Line

You get quicker delivery of all sanitary plunger packings, seals, gaskets, and o-rings. All Apex products are made from the highest quality materials. They will work better and let you save money through longer-wearing and/or trouble-free service as well as our low prices.

Sanitary Rubber, PTFE, and Paper Gaskets
for Sanitary Fittings

“APC” and “APV” Sanitary Pipe Fittings
“Bevel Seat” Sanitary Fittings
Cherry-Burrell “I-Line” Fittings
Cherry-Burrell “Q-Line” Fittings
G&H and Thomsen Fittings
“Perry-Seat” Style Fittings
“Tri-Clover” Clamp-Style Fittings

Plunger Packings, Gaskets, O-rings, and
Replacement Parts for Homogenizers

APV-Gaulin Homogenizers
Cherry-Burrell “SuperHomos”
Crepaco Homogenizers
American Marsh “Homovitors” and Cherry-Burrell “Viscolizers”

O-rings, Gaskets, and Replacement Parts
for all Sanitary Pumps & Valves

APC (Alloy Products) Valves
Crepaco Pumps
Flex-Flo (Cherry-Burrell) Pumps
G&H and Thomsen Pumps and Valves
Jabsco, Ampco, and Viking Pumps
Taylor “Flo-Diversion” Valves
“Tri-Clover” Pumps and Valves
Waukesha Pumps, including Model “DO” and “BB”

Suction Cups, O-rings, Gaskets, and Seals
for Milk Fillers, Casers, & Packers

Cherry-Burrell/Evergreen “G-60”, “H-75”, “Q-80” and other Fillers
Federal Fillers, all models: “Glass” or “Plastic”
Haskon Fillers & Haab Packers
Mojonnier and Cesco Casers
“Portion-Pak” Container Fillers, including Nimco and Cemac
Scholle and “Liqui-Box” Fillers

O-rings, Suction Cups, and Seals
for Ice Cream Freezers & Fillers

Anderson Box Sealers & Fillers
Cherry-Burrell Freezers
Crepaco Freezers
“Vitaline” Stick Confection Machines
“Vogt” and Votator Freezers

Gaskets, O-rings, and Seals for Clarifiers,
Cream Separators, and Driers


Gaskets, O-rings, and Seals for Tanks

Agitator Shaft Seals
Door Gaskets, all makes
Flange Mount Gaskets, Tank Outlet
Sight-glass Gaskets and Glasses
Mix and Storage, all makes
Cherry-Burrell tanks
Chester Tanks
Pfaudler, Chicago, Heil, and others

Gaskets, O-rings, and Seals for Other Equipment

Air Eliminators and Filters
Blenders and Mixers, all makes
Coolers, Jensen and Peerless, Whey,
Rogers Evaporated Milk Can Fillers and Sealers,
Dickerson Fillers, Cottage Cheese,
Sour Cream and Yogurt, all makes
Fruit Feeders, CP Heat Exchangers,
Swept Surface Liquifiers, Lanco Meters,
Siemen and Taylor Milk Fillers,
Stamvik and Sparkler Pasteurizers,
Feldmeyer Pre-Heaters, “Ste-Vac”,
Telegauges, King Thermometers,
Taylor Variegators, Ice Cream, all makes

Sanitary Spray Lubricants, plus
Miscellaneous Parts & Supplies

Filter Pads, Felt
Flange Mount Gaskets, Tank Outlet
Kendall “San-Guide” Filters
Lubricants, Solid Orange Oil & Petro-Gel
Mallets, Plastic and Rubber
Nylon Seals and Bushings
Oils, Conveyor chain and Gear case
O-Rings, Silicone & Viton
Pipe End Caps, Nylon and Plastic
Rubber Sheet, Strips or Cord
Sanitary Spray Lubricants, all types
“Sealeak” Paper Gaskets
Scaper Blades for Curd Dams
Sight-glass Gaskets & Glasses
“Snap-tite” Gaskets, Neoprene & PTFE
Strainers, Milk Pipeline, all types
PTFE, Sheet and Gaskets, all sizes
Tubing, Food, Clear Plastic
Wrenches, Sanitary, Metal
…and many more!

You can order one or two items for any one or a variety of makes of equipment at the same time. Whether it’s made of rubber, paper, bakelite, leather, plastic, metal, nylon, or PTFE, just send us the equipment part number, a size, or a sample. We’ll do the rest! Specify Apex’s quality products and service whenever and wherever you order.